At 14 years old Megan started working with a local breeder and trainer of hunting retrievers. With 3 solid years of Dog Training under her belt she moved to California with her family at the age of 18. Upon returning to California Megan continued to work with her own animals as well as neighbors and friends animals while she directed the majority of her focus on obtaining an education and career.

After working in an office Megan soon missed the time spent helping people with their dogs. She returned working with dogs part-time and within a couple of years word of mouth had spread and Megan decided to get more serious about her passion and open her first business. Megan bought into a franchise and began training dogs full-time. While running a successful Dog Training franchise full time was fun, the franchise rules stifled her creative ability to modify training programs to her liking.

SoCal K9 Training was born! Megan’s approach to dog training is flexible, positive, and has a strong focus on creating engagement between owner and dog. Her methodology strengthens the bond between dog and dog owner through positive reinforcement. Her training methodology is a blend of standard obedience, behavioral science, and fun. Her philosophy is, so long as your dog is engaged and having fun, your dog will not view training as work but instead will see it as play.

We can work with you and your dog to resolve common issues, such as; excessive barking, pulling on leash, housebreaking, separation anxiety, bolting out the door, jumping on family/guests, destructive behaviors, aggression and more.

SoCal K9 is extremely customer service oriented. Before you sign up for anything, our trainers will come to your home to discuss all your goals and answer your questions. During this time, your dog will be evaluated to determine which course of training will give you the best results. If you are interested in Dog Training schedule a free evaluation with Megan today.