I wanted you to know that I enjoyed the training you provided us. Ruby is doing well! She loves her collar and comes running up when ever she hears the BEEP BEEP. We still need to practice our heeling, but she has great recall! I no longer worry about her running in the street, and she has a lot of fun with us. I’m now able to take her to the outdoor plazas and public events with MUCH less stress, and she’s thrilled because she gets to come too.

She’s a head turner so people always come up to talk to us, then they notice how well behaved she is and then they notice the collar. I tell people you can’t just get any e collar, learning to use the collar correctly, and training is the MOST important thing, then I tell them all about you.

On a side note, just this past weekend I had Ruby out in the front yard, I had thrown the ball to her, but I messed up and it bounced off the house and started heading straight into the street. Just then a car was coming up around the corner fast. Of course, Ruby only saw the ball and was headed toward it at a run. I panicked and yelled “RUBY STAY!!” she came to an INSTANT halt with her rear on the front lawn! She just looked longingly at the ball. I have to tell you I was shocked! Especially because I had failed; I had panicked, I never hit the button when I called after her. The only reason she was safe was because of the training and practice we had done with you. While I obviously need more training so I don’t FREEZE up, Ruby came through with flying colors. Thank you so much!!

Marlo G. - Mission Viejo

Lyndsay J.

After our blind and diabetic love bug, Pretty Girl went to heaven, our other 3 dogs were highly affected. Especially two of ours. They were acting out, pulling on their walks, barking at EVERYTHING, and very depressed. Megan literally worked with them for 2 trainings and it is amazing how much their behavior has changed!  Thank you so very much for helping us, Megan. We all love and adore you!

Lyndsay J. - Laguna Niguel

Thank you so much for all your help with Gracie; we are very satisfied with your service and the collar. We look forward to Saturday trainings when Gracie is old enough. We appreciate that you were always on time and were always willing to give a little extra when we needed it.  Good Job, Megan, Good Job!!

Mike and Barbi H. - Mission Viejo

My dog Okie is a Patterdale Terrier. He is an independent dog, which means he doesn’t listen and his recall was terrible. We saw a demonstration by SoCal K9 at the Pet Expo. When we met with one of the training experts, she immediately was able to get Okie to follow commands. With training, Okie follows commands and will recall, come back, immediately. I am so impressed with this program. My dog’s aggression level with people has diminished dramatically and he follows my commands perfectly. I am so thrilled with his progress. I would recommend SoCal K9 Training and Megan to anyone with a dog who needs training! Most sincerely.

Hollen S. - Dove Canyon

Just an update on the dogs. They are starting to go directly to their place pillow and waiting for their cookies, when someone comes to the door. What a miracle! Also, we have had various people over for dinner and you wouldn’t even know their around. Also a miracle!! They love the kennels and go in by themselves during the day without reason. Pudgie is staying in her bubble. You are fantastic!!! Thank you so much for being such a kind trainer (and person).

Jeff S. - Laguna Woods

Megan’s training quickly transformed my 1 year old German Shepherd shelter rescue from a playful but unruly and totally untrained dog into a trained, obedient and happier dog. She made training fun for both me and Chagall and her unique methods produced immediate and lasting results. I highly recommend Megan!

John S. - San Clemente